Do you have a flat roof? Are you seeking a cost-effective roofing system and one that will last? King Roofing of Falkirk can solve all your rubber roofing needs. As the premier rubber roofer in Falkirk we offer rubber roofing for all manners of roofs from flat roofs, garages and outbuildings. Rubber Roofing is waterproof and reliable as we have seen it last over 30 years! What else can rubber roofing do? Well it can handle hot and cold temperatures and even the sun can’t damage it with its rays.

As King Roofing are the leading roofing company in Falkirk, our installations are always done to a professional standard. Customer service is a priority for us as we enjoy working closely with our customers and we keep them informed all the way through the project. King Roofing offer EPDM rubber roofing Falkirk, from homeowners to commercial business owners, you can trust King Roofing to deliver as promised.

Rubber roofing Falkirk – A cheaper product with superior quality

King Roofing provides rubber roofing Falkirk. When it comes to protecting customers properties, King roofing are the best roofing company in Falkirk. If you are needing to replace your flat roof or maybe you require a roofing system for your extension, or garage, well King Roofing can assist with it all.

Assisting Falkirk residents to protect their property – call us to learn more

Our roofing professionals in Falkirk can assist with installation, maintenance and repairs of rubber roofing systems. Our team would be happy to explain in more detail why the EPDM rubber roof is a great choice, contact us today or request a quote and someone will be in touch.