A Fibreglass roofing system or GRP as it’s sometimes known, is very popular. GRP means Glass Reinforced Polyester, Pretty cool eh!

You may be thinking that this sounds a bit too modern and you want to stick with the old reliable roofing systems but did you know that roofers have been using fiberglass roofing in Falkirk for over 6 decades! It has gotten much more popular of late though, it took off as luxury boats were using it as it has no gaps or joints so is perfect for keeping water out.
Fibreglass roofing system is well thought of because it’s such a simple material to use and is very safe too, not sold yet? Well what if we told you it has a longer life period that a felt roof?

We estimate that a Fibreglass roof in Falkirk could last up to around 30 years if it’s taken care of.

How Much Does a Fibreglass Roof Cost in Falkirk?

Cost of a Fibreglass roofing system in Falkirk can vary, is it anew roof being installed or is it just a repair? If it is a repair then how badly damaged is it? Obviously these things will make a difference to the price by a substantial amount.

What is the roof surface like? Will you need a roofing contractor to do the installation? Just a few other things you will need to think about when it comes to figuring out the finances involved with Fibreglass roofing systems.

As we mentioned earlier it lasts longer than felt, so you are probably thinking it’s much more costly right! Well in the long the long run it’s actually not.  When you take into account how long it lasts, how little maintenance is required and that it can fend off all weather plus it looks nice… well it’s an easy decision really.

We would suggest that you should look to pay around £75 to £100 per square metre for a fiberglass roof in Falkirk but it is just an estimate.

Fibreglass Roof Repair Falkirk

Well because Fibreglass roofing is so robust, repairs are not really something you would think about. The thing that can cause a Fibreglass roof to be in need of repair is if it was installed to a poor standard i.e. poor decking quality and mis-fitting trims and flashing.

Your Fibreglass roof is resistant to impact but if the worst was to happen and you discovered a split or a hole in the roof then it’s perfectly acceptable for another layer of GRP to be put over it so long as the roof is structurally sound.

Well UV rays don’t damage Fibreglass roofs, but fading is natural over the years but not to worry as it doesn’t impact on keeping the weather out, it just doesn’t look as good as new but this is a simple fix with applying another layer of top coat, that will do the trick to get it looking as good as new!

What Fibreglass Roofing Supplies are Needed?

Well if we were to put together a Fibreglass shopping list it would include but not limited to; sealants and adhesives to bond trims and flashings, GRP resin, catalyst/hardener, fibreglass mating and a top coat resin, along with rollers, brushes and buckets.

Some other items you may want to add to the list are corners, to enhance the look around the roof, and an anti-slip product such as slate chippings would do the trick.

How Does Fibreglass Roofing Compare to Other Flat Roofs?

Ok so we know that a Fibreglass roof can be a tad more expensive, Fibreglass roofs do provide a few advantages over the other roofing systems.
Firstly it’s durable! Way more durable than Felt roofing. Fibreglass roofing is also safer to work with as it doesn’t need a flame or some dangerous tool to apply it.

Because Fibreglass roofs don’t have joints or seams on the main bit of the roof there is a less of an opportunity for water to creep through. Fibreglass is great as it provides a waterproof solution which is obviously why it’s used on boats so much.

Wandering how to maintain a Fibreglass roof in Falkirk? Well just take a brush to it and then hose it down sometimes, this will do the trick and it will keep it looking great.

Fibreglass roofing can be shaped to fit any roof, this is a huge appeal to most and another reason why it might be that bit more expensive.

Rubber Roofing is another great roofing system we provide at King Roofing in Falkirk, however people have their preferences and some simply don’t like how the rubber looks on their roof. You can get the top coat on a Fibreglass roof in a load of colours, although most choose grey it still allows you to style it the way you want.