We briefly spoke about checking roofers insurance and questioning them on their training as well as their Health and Safety practises when it comes to roofing. But there are more things you can do before you select the best roofers Falkirk.

These days everything we do is online and this has it’s advantages, for example whether you are on Facebook or Google, it takes a quick search and you can find roofer reviews from companies in Falkirk.

Just because a roofing company has a few 1 star reviews this shouldn’t be a total red flag, there are many reasons a company may have been reviewed so lowly and most are generally from people who were never even customers.

We have seen roofers get involved in traffic disputes on the way to roofing jobs and before they can even get to that job someone has placed a 1 star on Google on Facebook.

Another reason a roofing may have a low score is due to competitors, we have seen other roofing companies try to leave bad reviews so to discourage customers from choosing other roofers Falkirk.

I know it might sound old fashioned but each roofer will have served hundreds, if not thousands of clients in Falkirk so there should be no shortage of people willing to give you their opinions. So put a Facebook post up or ask family or friends if they can recommend a roofer Falkirk.