1. Do they have Insurance? Roofers operating on your home without it will cause you lots of problems, can you imagine if one of them became injured! You may be held responsible in the eyes of the law. This is the exact reason roofers must have insurance as it protects you.
  2. Have you got a license? It’s always practically the very first question to ask. Why? Because a permit is a legitimate proof of someone’s experience. Additionally, a license is a requirement in some countries in front of a roofing contractor may work, though distinct nations or government have various prerequisites. The permit will function as your lawful bind when something goes wrong with the job.
  3. Are you currently hiring subcontractors? Work taken on can be complexed and it can be easier to employ subcontractors to execute the work quickly. But request assurance and you need to take precaution. King Roofing do not hire subcontractors.
  4. Do you offer a guarantee? If yes, for how long? It is smart to ask for warranty when thinking of the cost of roof replacement or tiles. Remember when there are remaining years, and the guarantee has been used up by your roofing, they are probably shorter than the one your roofers will replace. So, you will be anticipating a new guarantee that may span at least 25 years longer or an extended warranty.
  5. Can I have the address for your office? We have found that there are too many roofers out there that decide one day that they will be a roofing company and then by the next day they are up ladders fixing some ones roof! You should always ensure you have no cause of concern in regards to if the roofer is legal or not. Just get their details and call their office. Get their number to check if the person you’re talking to is connected to the company. Worse is that if the roofer came from a far city, you will have difficulty running after him when something goes wrong with the job. Keep it local and contact King roofing for your Roof Repair needs.